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Growth and development into a regional rail hub[ edit Tranzacționare din Atlanta A slave auction house on Whitehall Street The first Georgia Railroad freight and passenger trains from Augusta to the east of Atlantaarrived in September and in that year the first hotel, the Atlanta Hotelwas opened.

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The town then began to boom. In latethe Washington Hall hotel was opened. Bythe population had reached 2, Inthe town elected its first mayor and appointed its first town marshal, German M. Lester, [22] coinciding with the first homicide and the first jail built. A new city council approved the building of wooden sidewalks and banned conducting business on Sundays. InAtlanta's third and largest antebellum hotel was built, the Trout Houseand the Daily Intelligencer became the town's first successful daily newspaper.

In Oakland Cemetery was founded southeast of town, where it remains today within the city limits.

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Ina third rail line, the Western and Atlantic Railroad - for which the site of Atlanta had been identified as a terminus - finally arrived, connecting Atlanta to Chattanooga in the northwest and opening up Tranzacționare din Atlanta to trade with the Tennessee and Ohio River Valleys, and the American Midwest.

The union depot was completed in on State Square. That year, the depot's architect, Edward A. Vincentalso delivered Atlanta's first official map to the city council.

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Fulton County was established in from the western section of DeKalband ina combination Fulton County Court House and Atlanta City Hall was built— which would be razed 30 years later to make way for today's State Capitol building. Bythe town had grown to 6, residents [23] and had a bank, a daily newspaper, a factory to build freight cars, a new brick depot, property taxes, a gasworks, gas street lights, a theater, a medical college, and juvenile delinquency.

Manufacturing and commerce[ edit ] Atlanta Confederate Rolling Mill, Tranzacționare din Atlanta first true manufacturing establishment was opened inwhen Jonathan Norcrosswho later became mayor of Atlanta, arrived in Marthasville and built a sawmill. InAustin Leyden started the town's first foundry and machine shop, which was later the Atlanta Machine Works.

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It soon became the South's second-most productive rolling mill. Tranzacționare din Atlanta the American Civil War it rolled out cannon, iron rail, and 2-inch-thick 51 mm sheets of iron to clad the CSS Virginia for the Confederate navy. The mill was destroyed by the Union Army in As an example, inthe Georgia Railroad alone sent 3, empty rail cars to the city to be loaded with cotton. Several slave auction houses were in the town, which advertised in the newspapers and many of which also traded in manufactured goods.

Civil War and Reconstruction: —[ edit ] Sherman's army destroying rail infrastructure in Atlanta, Civil War: —[ edit ] Main article: Atlanta in the Civil War During the American Civil WarAtlanta served as an important railroad and military supply hub.

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See also: Atlanta in the Civil War. Inthe city became the target of a major Union invasion the setting for the film Gone with the Wind. On the night of September 1, his troops marched out of the city to Lovejoy, Georgia.

General Hood ordered that the 81 rail cars filled with ammunition and other military supplies be destroyed. The resulting fire and explosions were heard for miles. After a plea by the Bishops of the Episcopal and Catholic churches in Atlanta, Sherman did not burn the city's churches or hospitals. The remaining war resources were then destroyed in the aftermath in Sherman's March to the Sea. The fall of Atlanta was a critical point in the Civil War. Its Tranzacționare din Atlanta publicized fall gave confidence to the Northerners.

Together with the Battle of Mobile Baythe fall of Atlanta led to the re-election of Abraham Lincoln and the eventual surrender of the Confederacy. Reconstruction: —[ edit ] The city emerged from the ashes — hence tranzacționați opțiuni binare cu migesco city's symbol, the phoenix — and was gradually rebuilt, as its population increased rapidly after the war.

Atlanta received migrants from surrounding counties and states: from to Fulton County more than doubled in population, from 14, to 33, In Tranzacționare din Atlanta pattern seen across the South after the Civil War, many freedmen moved from plantations to towns or cities for work, including Atlanta; Fulton County went from Many refugees were destitute without even proper clothing or shoes; the AMA helped fill the gap with food, shelter, and clothing, and the federally sponsored Freedmen's Bureau also offered much help, though erratically.

High rents rather than laws led to de facto segregationwith most blacks settling in three shantytown areas at the city's edge. There, housing was substandard; an AMA missionary remarked that many houses were "rickety shacks" rented at inflated rates.

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Two of the three shantytowns sat in low-lying areas, prone to flooding and Tranzacționare din Atlanta overflows, which resulted in outbreaks of disease in the late 19th century. It was infamous for vagrancy, desperation, and robberies of merchants transiting the settlement. Another epidemic hit in fall, ; hundreds Tranzacționare din Atlanta. Atlanta soon became the industrial and commercial center of the South.

From untilU. InAtlanta became the Georgia state capital, taking over from Milledgeville. Center of black education[ edit ] Atlanta quickly became a center of black education.

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Atlanta University was established inthe forerunner of Morehouse College inClark University inwhat is now Spelman College inand Morris Brown College in This was one of several factors aiding the establishment of one of the nation's oldest and best-established African-American elite in Atlanta.

Gradythe editor of the Atlanta Constitutionpromoted the city to investors as a city of the " New South ," Tranzacționare din Atlanta which he meant a diversification of the economy away from agriculture, and a shift from the " Old South " attitudes of slavery and rebellion. As part of the effort to modernize the South, Grady and many others also supported the creation of the Georgia School of Technology now the Georgia Institute of Technologywhich was founded on the city's northern outskirts in With Grady's support, the Confederate Soldiers' Home was built in With just 50 cents in their collective purse, the sisters opened the Atlanta Hospital, the first medical facility in the city after the Civil War.

This later became known as Saint Joseph's Hospital. Expansion and the first planned suburbs[ edit ] Inman Parkone of Atlanta's first planned garden suburbs Starting inhorse-drawn, and later, starting inelectric streetcars fueled real estate development and the city's expansion.

Washington Street south of downtown and Peachtree Street north of the central business district became wealthy residential areas. In the Tranzacționare din Atlanta, West End became the suburb of choice for the city's elite, but Inman Parkplanned as a harmonious whole, soon overtook it in prestige.

Peachtree Street's mansions reached ever further north into what is now Midtown Atlanta, including Amos G. Rhodes ' founder of the Rhodes Furniture Company in mansion, Rhodes Hallwhich can still be visited.

COMEXodată ce au fost schimbate separat. Bursa de la New York Mercantile Exchange se ocupă cu achiziționarea și vânzarea de bunuri de energiemetale și alte mărfuri în valoare de miliarde de dolari pe platforma de tranzacționare și sistemele electronice de tranzacționare electronică pentru livrare viitoare. Prețurile cotate pentru tranzacțiile pe bază de schimb sunt baza pentru prețurile pe care oamenii le plătesc pentru diferite mărfuri din întreaga lume. Fiecare companie care tranzacționează pe bursă trebuie să trimită propriile brokeri independenți.

Atlanta surpassed Savannah as Georgia's largest city by Disenfranchisement of blacks[ edit ] See also: Disfranchisement after Reconstruction era As Atlanta grew, ethnic and racial tensions mounted. Late 19th- and early 20th-century immigration added a very small number of new Europeans to the mix. After Reconstruction, whites had used a variety of tactics, including militias and legislation, to re-establish political and social supremacy throughout the South.

Starting with a poll tax in Tranzacționare din Atlanta, by the turn of the century, Georgia passed a variety of legislation that completed the disfranchisement Tranzacționare din Atlanta blacks.

Not even college-educated men could vote. Nonetheless, African Americans Tranzacționare din Atlanta Tranzacționare din Atlanta had been developing their own businesses, institutions, churches, and a strong, educated middle class. Simmons, and the 3rd Ku Klux Klan era, —present headed by Dr.

Samuel Green, both started off in Atlanta.

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Coca-Cola[ edit ] The identities of Atlanta and Coca-Cola have been intertwined sincewhen John Pemberton developed the soft drink in response to Atlanta and Fulton County going "dry". The first sales were at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta. Asa Griggs Candler acquired a stake in Pemberton's company in and incorporated it as the Coca Cola Company in By the time of its 50th anniversary, the drink had reached the status of a national icon in the USA.

Coca-Cola's world headquarters have remained in Atlanta ever since. Inthe company opened the World of Coca-Colawhich has remained one of the city's Tranzacționare din Atlanta visitor attractions. Nearlyvisitors attended the event. The exposition was designed to promote the region to Tranzacționare din Atlanta world and showcase products and new technologies, as well as to encourage trade with Latin America.

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The exposition featured exhibits from several states, including various innovations in agriculture Tranzacționare din Atlanta technology. President Grover Cleveland presided over the opening of the exposition, but the event is best remembered for the both hailed and criticized "Atlanta Compromise" speech given by Booker T. Washington in which Southern blacks would work meekly and submit to white political rule, while Southern whites guaranteed that blacks would receive basic education and due process in law.

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Streetcar suburbs and World War II: —[ edit ] race riot and results[ edit ] The cover of French magazine Le Petit Journal in October depicting the Atlanta Race Riot Competition between working-class whites and black for jobs and housing gave rise to fears and tensions. Inprint media fueled these tensions with hearsay about alleged sexual assaults on white women by black men, triggering the Atlanta Race Riotwhich left at least 27 people dead Tranzacționare din Atlanta 25 of them black and over 70 injured.

InFortune magazine called Sweet Auburn "the richest Negro street in the world", a phrase originally coined by civil-rights leader John Wesley Dobbs.

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Jim Crow laws[ edit ] Sign at entrance to Ponce de Leon amusement park in indicating "colored persons admitted as servants only" Jim Crow laws were passed in swift succession in the years after the riot. The result was in some cases segregated facilities, with nearly always inferior conditions for black customers, but in many cases it resulted in no facilities at all available to blacks, e.

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Inthe city council passed an ordinance Tranzacționare din Atlanta that restaurants be designated for one race only, hobbling black restaurant owners who had been attracting both black and white customers. In the same year, Atlanta's streetcars were segregated, with black patrons required to sit in the rear. If not enough seats were available for all white riders, the blacks sitting furthest forward in the trolley were required to stand and give their seats to whites.