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Patterns are basically graphical images of price formations on charts, so that they can be classified into different categories and which then have predictive value.

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The two major groups of Chart Patterns are reversals and continuation patterns. Reversal patterns indicate that an important change in trend may be occurring, whilst continuation patterns show that the market is pausing for a period of time consolidation of trend but that it might resume its existing trend.

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There are several well-known reversal and continuation Chart Patterns, here are some of them. Head and Shoulders and Inverted Head and Shoulders This pattern is one of the most reliable patterns out there, making it very popular with technical analysts.

The Head and Shoulders pattern suggests that the market is perhaps about to reverse its current trend.

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So, if you see this setup in your charts, it could mean prices Piks în tranzacționare peaked and are about to fall indicating a shorting opportunity. The opposite of this setup is called the Inverted Head and Shoulders pattern, which could mean that the price has hit a bottom and is about to reverse.

The key components of a Head and Shoulders pattern are the head, shoulders and neckline see pictures. Each pattern must have two shoulders and one head just like a human body. The neckline is the key feature of a Head and Shoulders chart as it tells you when to potentially make your trade.

What does it look like? The Parabolic SAR indicator is graphically shown on the chart as a series of dots placed either above or below the price.

Double Top and Double Bottom Like candlestick patterns, the shooting star and inverted hammer, this pair of popular chart patterns can also help you spot a reversal in a market trend.

A Double Top is when a price has hit a second peak and is now headed for a fall.

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With the Double Top, you can place your entry sell order below the neckline low between the two tops as you are now expecting a reversal in the uptrend. A Double Bottom is when a price has hit a second low and is now headed upwards.

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This looks a bit like a 'W' on a chart. It is basically the opposite of double top, so you will have valleys instead of the peaks and Piks în tranzacționare will expect that the downtrend is about to end, so you would be looking to potentially go long. Triangle patterns There are three kinds of Triangle Patterns you can look out for when trading.

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Firstly, you have the Symmetrical Triangle. This is formed when the price is making lower highs facem un robot de tranzacționare higher lows.

Effectively buyers and sellers are cancelling each other out and the market is narrowing to a tighter range.

Which makes it insider trading anyway. Ceea ce o face oricum comerț de bursă ilicit. Smuggling, bootlegging, slave trading. Contrabandă cu bunuri, cu băutură, comerț cu sclavi. Internet trading systems give access to this market.

This appears when the price is making higher lows but the highs are staying the same. What does this mean?

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Based Piks în tranzacționare Technical Analysis TA theory when you see an Ascending Triangle like this it means a price rally is Piks în tranzacționare on its way. Finally, you have the Descending Triangle.

This is essentially the reverse of the Ascending Triangle, with lower highs indicating a selling pressure but with sellers unwilling to go below a certain price. The Descending Triangle can be a good indicator that prices are about to breakout into a fall. Skilling Summary Chart Patterns are the next step after you have learnt the basics.

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They tie together longer periods of price action and help you make sense of the bigger picture. Patterns are not necessarily for everyone you may prefer simply to use oscillators for example but a knowledge and understanding of them is important.

They are definitely one of the most popular ways of approaching the market. The good thing about Chart Patterns is that they can occur on virtually any time frame