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Smarter, simpler For family fun and a whole licitarea exmo more Beyond licitarea exmo technology, Handycam® performance relies on closer attention to human factors. Such as the flexibility to create, shape, share, and discover better ways for images to really move you.

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Plus, the focus on more carefree yet functional approaches to get to the heart of a subject. Advanced image stabilization compensates for camera shake up to 13x 2 more effectively compared to standard mode.

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See life in a new light At the intersection of visionary technology and design, Handycam® image quality reigns licitarea exmo. Zoom coverage as wide as Up to Optical Zoom and Clear Image Zoom Images look very sharp and less degraded even beyond the optical zoom range.

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Exmor R® CMOS image sensor Twice the light sensitivity of conventional sensors for outstanding low-light image capture. More functional for more fun Extending the joy licitarea exmo shooting, editing, and sharing Shoot for more Shoot, edit, and share as you like When you licitarea exmo to aim higher in your moviemaking ambitions, this Handycam® is ready for you.

Multi Camera Control lets you shoot from multiple angles, using this camcorder as a central unit to set up and control up to five simultaneously and wirelessly connected cameras.

You can even share live Handycam® footage with faraway friends and family members through an online connection with Ustream®, a popular video streaming platform. With so much functionality so conveniently at hand, there is no end to the fun that everyone can share.

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The Handycam® can control their settings making the production of multi-view movies easy. User-friendly image management software makes it easy to import, organize, and edit footage.

Multi Camera Control.

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